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Film Scoring Composer and Pianist, Carlos Marin, is transforming the local film score community through his alluring sensory musical experiences. Born in Bogotá Colombia, Carlos moved to the United States, now residing in South Florida, to pursue his dream career as a composer. Carlos’ musical curiosity flourished through his childhood fascination with Disney’s Fantasia. Jumping on the bed in excitement Carlos imitated the conductor on-screen waving his arms with each movement the conductor made. Carlos was destined to become the film composer he is today. At the age of 9, Carlos began piano lessons. A year and a half after starting formal lessons, Carlos realized music was unlimited compared to words and such language would allow him to express himself fully, which lead to his decision to be a composer. In 2017, Carlos began writing music for multimedia while attending university and created his first film score for a short film. While at Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Music, Carlos was able to showcase and perform his works on several occasions. During his time at the university, Carlos created his own label, CMKM Studios, where he provides arranging, music engineering, music editing, and music production for various projects.


Influenced by the technique of conceptual artists, Carlos took inspiration from film score composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, and Ramin Djawadi and classical artists such as  Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Satie, Prokofiev, and Crumb. Oscillating between more traditional, notated pieces of music and avant-garde synths, Carlos captivates his audience through the tonal, bitonal, and dodecaphonic polyphony. Exploring intuitive and conceptual themes of reality, Carlos incorporates idiosyncratic storytelling through motifs and improvisation. Through his music, Carlos aims for the listener to look through an amorphous mirror plunging his audience into their own distorted reality in a sensory experience.


Well-known for his work in competitions, Carlos has been awarded First Prize in both the Miklos Rozsa Film Scoring Competition, Love Endowment for the Arts in Spring of 2019, and the Monologue2Music Competition | Cass - Wonderful World in April 2020. In addition, Carlos has worked on several films including “Double Edge”, “RODINA”, “DISPLACEMENT”, “Mimir, Die Fenster”, documentaries including “Owls Among Us: Kristine”, “Owls Among Us: Ray”, and concert compositions including “Harp Sonata”, “Lied fur die Herzenkrank”, “Au Auditeur, and The Lark - String Quartet”.

Carlos had released his new 2021 contemporary piece, “Time [sentir]”, in collaboration with performer Ana Maria Tarazona. After this release, Carlos will be scheduling the release of his first full EP of film scoring music.

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